Panda and Bamboo

When we see bamboo, it is easy to think of cute pandas.
Because The only animal that eats bamboo in the world is the panda.
The amount of bamboo that a panda eats per day is 20 kg

Why did the meat-eating pandas eat bamboo?

It is the most powerful theory in order to avoid competing with other animals. The panda's stomach and intestine contain microbes that digest the bamboo. So, they can absorb nutrients from the bamboo.
Due to the lack of nutrients in bamboo, pandas must eat large amounts of bamboo. Bamboo is a growing plant every year, and it is food that other animals do not eat. And because it can be eaten in winter, the panda does not hibernate.

What kind of bamboo do pandas like and which part of bamboo do they like?

As the season's change, the bamboo species and the bamboo parts are eaten in panda recipes also differ. The favorite is bamboo shoots. From spring to summer, I love the bamboos of the genus Pseudosciata and Corundum, as well as the Bashan wood bamboo and walking stick bamboo. , Fargesia Grandiflora, Fargesia Grandiflora, Big bamboo, bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots are new bamboo plants with no branches and leaves growing from the bamboo shoots of the bamboo's underground stems. They have young tissues, high water content, 1.27% of crude fat, 33.62% of crude fiber, 10.32% of crude protein, and 26.15 of total sugar. %. The bamboo shoots are young and juicy, have good palatability, and are easy to digest and absorb. They are delicious food for pandas.

Every year from spring to autumn, in order to eat different types of bamboos and bamboo shoots at different altitudes, the giant panda's foraging migrates from Zhongshan to high mountains, which is called "catch bamboo shoots." From the perspective of the whole bamboo, the content of nutrients gradually increased from the lower part to the upper part of the bamboo plant.

Taking cold arrow bamboo as an example, the crude fat content of bamboo rod is 0.59%, the bamboo branch is 3.37%, crude protein bamboo rod is 4.20%, the bamboo leaf is 19.44%, crude fiber bamboo rod is 46.66%, and bamboo leaf is 24.27%.
It can be seen that although pandas prefer bamboo shoots, it often makes sense to feed on bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots in the middle and upper parts of annual young bamboos.